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Why You Choose Us
   - As a OEM manufacturer, with our own operating cast aluminum foundry and metal fabrication shop, we guarantee you that the quotes you received from us can BEAT any other source’s on the market! Any lower price from other sources, please let know, we make them even lower! We save your money! 
   - As a OEM manufacturer with aluminum foundry, we charge the unit wholesale price of our decorative cast metal products based on your order's quantities. The more you order, the more saving you get! 

- We always lead with the fastest turnaround and delivery time in the industry. Our stock items normally ship within 1 business day. Customized cast aluminum OEM items go into manufacture immediately, guaranteeing the FASTEST turnaround times in the industry.

  - As a manufacturer, with operating cast aluminum foundry and metal fabrication shop, we can design, modify, and manufacture decorative custom products to fit any client’s requirements. Please let us know your OEM needs today!
  - We don’t expect you to pay more for our customized decorative cast aluminum products. We bill based on our actual material and labor costs. We truly offer customized products of sign post bases, finials, sign frames at manufacture prices, directly from cast aluminum foundry.
  - Have an idea and you want us to collaborate on? Let us review your design and suggest an outstanding solution. Our team of experts know how to build cast aluminum decorative products and manage large projects to meet your needs.
  - We don’t charge service fees for small orders. We are taking a client with small orders as a potential large client in future!
  - We offer large product variations to choose from (decorative cast aluminum sign post bases / covers, finials / tops / caps, street traffic frames / trims, custom mailbox, mailbox posts / stands, scrolls and brackets, accessories). More are added every week! If we don’t carry what you want in stock, let us know. We’d love to make it exclusively for you today!
  - We work closely with the shipping companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL plus truck companies) to resolve delivery issues. We want to make sure your product arrives safely, on time and in a money saving way! We pass all shipping discount to our client and don't make any money on your freight.


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