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Question: What decorative products do you offer?


Answer: Metal Ornamental offers a complete line of cast aluminum post bases, post finials, aluminum posts, mailboxes, mailbox scrolls, street and traffic sign trims, mounting brackets, and many more unique items. As an OEM manufacturer, we also provide our clients with exclusive tailor-made component products to meet their own specific needs with a reasonable.


Question: How are they made of?


Answer: All our cast aluminum products are made of #356 aluminum with optional durable top brand powder coated finish, which guarantee a long lasting durability.


Question: Why select aluminum?


Answer: It is lightweight for shipping and installation and yet durable, recyclable and reasonably priced. Aluminum will not rust in humidity and is well suited for outdoor conditions.


Question: What finishes are available?


Answer: The standard color is a semi-gloss black polyester powder coat finish.


Question: How do I order? How to make payment?

  Answer: Metal Ornamental wants to provide you with the opportunity to do business one-on-one. Every time when you place an order online, our sale representative will contact you by phone or email to ensure your order is properly managed.
  Question: What is the expected delivery time of our products from when I place the order?

Answer: Most of our products are in stock at all times. Shipping from our in-stock inventory is typically 1 to 3 business days after receipt of your payment; Shipping of high volume orders or out-of-stock products is typically 5 to 7 weeks after receipt of down payment; Custom production products can take as long as 14-16 weeks to make private-tooling, produce and ship.

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