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Why Bulk Unpainted Order

Buying bulk unpainted decorative products from Metal Ornamental with its own cast aluminum foundry and metal fabrication shop makes for a simplified and fast way to easily get the quality products resellers and manufacturers in decoative street sign, mailbox and outdoor lighting industries need at a better price before customizing them for your branding and finish needs and specific local regulations. Here are three of the many advantages of purchasing unpainted products in bulk order:

  1. One click on the website, one phone call or email. We are ready to ship it to you on the same day.
  Here at Metal Ornamental, we’ve got a large inventory of unpainted products that is in stock and ready to ship, such as street post bases, post finials, aluminum sign posts, mailboxes, sign frames and other accessories, providing you with the fastest lead time in the industry. With one simple click on our website or a phone call or email, a direct sale representative who can answer any of your questions and get you the exact bulk order you need. The simplicity and ease of the order and shipping process is unparalleled. Orders will ship to your site or a powder coater you choose.



2. Unpainted Decorative Products directly from cast aluminum foundry = Easy Customization for resellers and manufacturers


In addition to the cost advantage of purchasing quality unpainted streetscape products in bulk, the unpainted products provides the full freedom you need to customize the products however you see fit, according to your branding goals and local codes and regulations. You’ll have unlimited options for the powder coater you choose, or for your own paint finish. You can even have your own custom designs in post bases, finials, sign frames and mailbox to differentiate your self from competition, working directly with cast aluminum foundry with private-tooling making and exclusive raw material product production.

  3. Maximum Savings of unpainted decorative streetscape products in bulk order directly cast aluminum foundry will maximize resellers' and manufacturers' savings. Get exactly what you need for a specific project or to enhance your inventory at wholesale price, directly from foundry!
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