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In addition to our extensive assortment of standard open-tooling sign, mailbox, and lighting component products (decorative street sign posts, bases, finials, sign frames, brackets and custom mailboxes) to the market, as a manufacturer with operating cast aluminum custom product foundry and metal fabrication shop, Metal Ornamental has been developing confidential private label OEM and custom solutions to fit any client and reseller’s requirement on their decorative products, either for sign post bases or custom mailboxes. We offer computerized prototype design, custom pattern/tooling development, sample run and the production capacity for all sizes of cast aluminum products from small order to large production runs. We stand ready to serve you for all your decorative metal needs with our proven quality service.

For any custom cast aluminum request from our clients, our foundry will quote you our competitive private-tooling costs either through sand casting, permanent mold or die casting method, depending on client's needs. To give you a ballpark figure of our private-tooling cost, for the size of our standard post base part, Base-A3-RR, the tooling costs around $600 and $1,500 for sand casting and permanent mold respectively. The unit cost of your custom casting parts will cost in the range of $4 per pound to $7 per pound depending on the weight, the purchase quantity and the complexity of your products, in the material of standard #356 aluminum alloy, FOB California. The lead time of our private-tooling making is around 10 to 15 working days.

Please let is know your needs for the production of street sign post bases, post finials, sign frames and custom mailboxes today! We don’t expect you to pay more for our customized products either on your tooling or manufacture parts. We bill based on our actual material and labor costs. We truly offer customized products at production prices for a long-term business partnership.


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